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Time Is On Your Side

On this New Years Eve I figured I would write this post after being inspired by my Auntie Lisa and my wife, who is writing a post of her own next to me.

I realized this year 2011 that I have a very dysfunctional relationship with time. I use it, and spend it but not always the way I would like to, imagine that. What makes it dysfunctional is that feel I never have enough time, so I am always trying to maximize the time, in ways like books on CD to maximize my driving time to work. Being efficient with my doings during the day, so I can have some “down time”. I am not saying that the things that I do as described are bad things, because they are not. What is bad is how I feel about my lack of time.

After realizing this I took up some hobbies, collecting Cigars, playing with R/C Helicopters for me to feel somewhat at peace with how my time was being spent. What slows me down is the knowing fact that our time here on earth is limited. At anytime this could all be over and for me that is not a good thought considering I have not done most of what I set out to do. Yes I have done more than many but that does not fill me because I am not in a race or competing with anyone. If today was the last day on earth I would be sad not only because of the hurt my family would feel but also because I feel I have only lived half of my life. To quote Tupac Shakur “I came a long way but still I got so far to go”. Time is one of the most precious thing we have control over, yet we piss on it in one way or another.

When I think of time I always think of Rod Stewart – Young Turks –

“Young hearts be free tonight. Time is on your side,
Don’t let them put you down, don’t let ’em push you around,
don’t let ’em ever change your point of view”

Time is on your side is what sticks out the most because it is what we tell ourselves that slows us down. That sentence reminded me of what the Late Great Mrs. Clarissa M. Walker would say “Your moving to fast”. I always thought I understood that but I see her lessons are always unfolding to me. I am the most blessed person I know when it comes to my family, they have all taught me something that I use everyday of my life. Some of them don’t even know the lessons and that can be some of the best teachings.

So for this New Year 2012 make it the best 2012 ever, you only get one. The first thing you can do to kick that off is give yourself a checkup from the neck up, that will start you on the longest 18″ journey you will every make in this lifetime.

I leave you in Peace, Love & Respect


Charles J. Rogers


When it’s time to GO!!

When it’s time to go it is time to go!!

My Family has been ready to move from the state of Minnesota for some time now.  It started with the desire to move to Maui, and now weeks away from moving to California.  Sometimes it does not seem like it will happen because I get stuck in my head about wanting to doing the right thing. 

It is time to do something else is what I keep telling myself.  Yes I have left the state before but that was with different intentions.  This time my intentions are new and my desires have changed.  See I have wanted to live in LA since I was 15 years old when my Father sent for me to live with him in South Central LA.  That was a long time ago and many things have changed since then.  I don’t even know what it looks like now but I am excited to go see.  The difference is now I have a family to care for, and that changes the whole thing in my opinion.

This move is hard because of how many things we have to move and not sure what we need.  In my perfect world we would take what we can fit in our cars and that is it.  That sounds smart but may not be the smartest move so we contemplate on what to bring or not.  It is one of the hardest things I have every had to deal with because I just don’t know.  Top it off with I don’t have a job, much Money at all and don’t know the little family I have out there.  Yet the door was shut and nailed closed!  It is amazing to me how that happens.

See I was blessed to get my last job.  I say blessed because no way in the world should I of have that job if you look at it from the outside.  See I was the Latin American Rep that did not speak or write any Spanish.  But I was so hungry that Beth could see it in my eyes and in my heart.  I got that job and turned it from a issue position to a complaint free zone.

Well this dream has started to out grow this position.  See I was doing good for the company and the customers but not for myself.  I was losing everything while gaining nothing.  I was losing my life, my life’s desires.  My desire is to be a paid Public Speaker and a Life Style.  I have no idea how or when this will be but working a job in Minnesota does not allow for much space for that.  I put it on the back burner because my family welfare is very important to me.

But now that my oldest Alyssa is going to College in LA it made all my thought come to life.  See now I have a reason to move West.  My wife Nikki is a East Coast Girl and our youngest Lilli talks like she is from the east.  We made this plan to move far west Maui and now are moving to LA, so 2,000 miles closer.  To my surprise my team was let go after almost 4 years with the company. 

What is funny is it came 6 months after I told the company I was looking for work out West and if they could assist me with something that would allow me to support my family.  We began the search with no luck at all.  The reason it is funny is I was ready to leave my position but the Source said take some Unemployment with you, some Severance Pay, some Health care.

So now We just sold the house weeks before not I lost my job and planning to move to LA.  To me I took this a sign to move anyways.

To me this was the sign “It’s time to GO!”a

>You Will Never Know

>You will never know how much you have meant to me.

I say this because when I express my true self to you it might be more then you can handle.
I say this because when I express my true self to you it hits to close to home for you.

It could just be that I don’t trust you with what is so close to my heart. If that is true then I don’t trust myself enough to trust you. I am not shamming myself but keeping it real when most would rather sit down I Rise.

My lesson is I need to trust myself more then anything else in the world. I trusted that I could cut down my pop consumption and it led to to stop drinking completely for 16 day’s. Next I will see if I can make it 30 day’s and keep moving from there.

The saying back when I sold cars was “You need a check up from the neck up”. To me that meant that I needed to get my mind right. I had to get my mind, body, family and my life right to get to where I needed to be.

The longest distance you will ever travel is 18in. It is the distance from your Head to your Heart and your heart is where the love is.

You have to follow that heart to follow your dreams just take a look around at all of the dreaming you have received.

I want to thank you for taking this time to get to know me.

And that is OBMO