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>What Would You Do?

>What would you do when someone tell you they are dying of Cancer?

Well that happened to me and to be honest with you I did not know what to say. It hurts because of the obvious fact but when a person is not willing to fight what do you do? You fight for them because the battle is in the mind.

It reminds me of when my Uncle lost his leg in a work related accident. I remember wanting to fight someone at his job. I remember driving out to his job looking for a fight. When I got there it seemed as if nothing was going on and that was weired because it is a production company.

When I finally got to see him in the hospital he had already lost his leg. I just remember seeing how strong he was at least to me he was. I thought that if he is not mad, and he seemed calm I knew what I needed to do.

See that moment was a transfer of energy and his energy was higher then mine until we exchanged then we were on the same level.

My point in this is that the person suffering sets the energy of the situation. I am very sad about this Cancer thing, mostly because I have just got to know him and see to much of myself in him and that hurts. It hurts because when you know what you know and you don’t use it the way you want to. Pain is all I can say, it is why I work so hard on doing what I love. That love is speaking to people about my thoughts, but be open or you will miss it.

So to answer the question of What would you do, simple be you the person will need that the most. If they are not the strong one to help raise the energy then it is your lucky day. It is not easy by any means but what else are you going to do.

For this person he claims to need exactly what I give him, and that being my time, patience and straight to the point without hold punches. I always say my tounge is always sharp and I lack the know how to dull it when needed. God is not done with me yet either.

This is for you Cuz in your life’s journey and you like us all will make it to the other side. I just hope you enjoyed the moment.

And that is OBMO


>You Will Never Know

>You will never know how much you have meant to me.

I say this because when I express my true self to you it might be more then you can handle.
I say this because when I express my true self to you it hits to close to home for you.

It could just be that I don’t trust you with what is so close to my heart. If that is true then I don’t trust myself enough to trust you. I am not shamming myself but keeping it real when most would rather sit down I Rise.

My lesson is I need to trust myself more then anything else in the world. I trusted that I could cut down my pop consumption and it led to to stop drinking completely for 16 day’s. Next I will see if I can make it 30 day’s and keep moving from there.

The saying back when I sold cars was “You need a check up from the neck up”. To me that meant that I needed to get my mind right. I had to get my mind, body, family and my life right to get to where I needed to be.

The longest distance you will ever travel is 18in. It is the distance from your Head to your Heart and your heart is where the love is.

You have to follow that heart to follow your dreams just take a look around at all of the dreaming you have received.

I want to thank you for taking this time to get to know me.

And that is OBMO

>MN Nice…

>I am ready to leave MN right with you baby a have been for some time. I love LA is and has been my theme song ever since I seen my first Palm Tree’s and all different people from all walks of life. This place does not change much, if you don’t believe me ask someone who has not been here in a while and they will tell you. The same things are happening around here the energy is lower then I need. I am not saying that I will not find the same things in Hawaii or CA but enough people think like me in those places where as here I seem to run into self serving people who will talk kind you your face and talk bad about you behind your back. I need to be around like-minded people that are willing to give hand up not a hand out.

We don’t get any mainstream acts and if we do it is for one show. For me I would need to travel to Chicago or Milwaukee to see my type of shows Wayne Dyer (5 yrs ago), Deepak (Never to my knowledge) or TD Jakes (Never to my knowledge) or any of the other types of things I am interested in. Sorry but MN people are comfortable and not willing to step out of the comfortable box to support their true dreams. So read my blog Dream a BIG Dream and comment however you like anonymously or whatever because I am just one who is ready because I AM.

Sorry if I am stepping on anyone toes but if I am that is my point. Get over yourself because you are not that important. Stop worrying about being nice I would rather you tell me the truth to my face then lie behind my back. MN Nice is MN whack ask anyone that is not from here and they will tell you how fake we are

This is not a slam on MN I have found great people here they are just to consumed with themselves to stay engaged in our relationship. Believe it or not it is however me keeping it real in a fake town.

And that is OBMO


>Dream A Big Dream


Dream a big dream is one of many lessons I have learned.  This one comes from my uncle Vann.
It is interesting about my uncle because he like all of my uncles have touched me in different way’s, some of them I am not even sure of the lesson at this point in my life.  Just keep living is what comes to mind when I think that because sooner or later it will happen to you/me.  This lesson came up today when I responded to one of those emails that we all get.
I will describe this lesson as this.  A picture of a very big house was sent and it looks exactly as I have imagined my “Dream House”.  To make it simple it is a big house with many rooms and brick wall around it like a castle with everything this type of house should have or should I say my house should have.
What is so funny about this house is when I seen it the first time to told my wife that this my house, the owners just don’t know it yet.  My wife responded with “You don’t even know where that house is”.  I told her yes I don’t know but it is mine and I have let it go ever since.  See my wife who I am sure would live in the house does not to my knowledge have any desire to live is such a house.  I however have always wanted to live is a big house, I don’t really know why myself other then I could house my guest and family members in the house.  Keeping them far enough away from the main house so we did not drive everyone crazy.
In life you will find dream stealers who will try to steal your dream.  I have encountered many of them when we were moving to Hawaii almost six years ago.  I have failed, but not really as it pertains to Dreaming BIG.  I say not really failed because I am better then I was yesterday and living more in the moment so for me that is a very good thing with My Dreaming a BIG Dream .  What is even funnier about this blog post is my wife is at the pond we lived on when we sold the house to move to Hawaii.  I promise I will write about Hawaii soon I just need to explore my feeling a little more for purpose.  My uncle is the only family member I know of that has been to Hawaii and I think he has been 2 or 3 times.  My mom and my Grandma need to go as it is on my bucket list of things to do before I leave this body.
Without dreams why live?  My love for my mom is not enough without the dream that she will continue to be Happy, Healthy and Fruitful.  I feel this way about everyone but my Family is at the top of my list.
We have up the house we build as well as the house we were married in to move to Hawaii.  The Hawaii deal feel through and we have been on a learning curve every since.  I will make it to Hawaii I know for me the lesson was I need to take a stream of income with me because the Howlie think they own the land that Pele (deity) made.  This is a long story for me but when you go and talk to the natives you will get the same feeling as me.  This song will sum it up for you Bruddah IZ ~ Hawai’i ’78
So Dream a Big Dream and let and trust that everything that you are going through is in preparation for that dream.  Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way because this train is moving.  You are welcome to follow me on this blog or
That is OBMO



>"It Is Already Raining"


Its raining  in LA, and they said it never rains in Southern California.  It is always raining when where we need it to be.  I have heard a lot of rain stories as well as experienced one of my own. 
The one that keeps hitting me is the one Wayne Dyer talked about the village in Hawaii.  Everyone prayed for rain and it did, what was so amazing is when Wayne went outside of the village and asked.  That was some rain we had, the person responded with “What Rain”?  It had only rained on that Church in that area.
My example of rain is when I was also in Hawaii with my family in the middle of a drought.  It was a long drought and they had not seen rain for a long time.  It rained that day more then it had it the last few years.  The reason why in my mind is because of our love for Hawaii as well as my wanting nothing but nutrients for everything to grow as we are all beings with greatness.
The last story is a real simple one.  I believe it was a Native Indian man who was going to the hills to ask for rain.  Some white people wanted to join in and asked if they could.  The Native said sure they could so they went to the top of the hills.  The Native started telling a story about the place in the hills and how he use to go to this same spot to do the same thing for rain as a child.  After a little while he started heading back, the white people asked I thought we were asking for rain?  Don’t we need to kneel down or dance or something?
The Native said “Its already raining” and started heading back to the village.  When they got back to the village it started raining or it had already rained.  I apologies for know remember this story as well as I thought I did, but I know the lesson more.  “It is already raining”
This brings me to my real point of this blog.  We as a people need to raise the energy to act as if it is raining in LA.  A piece of me is in LA just as a piece of you is there as well.  If you look at some of these pictures it looks like the beginning of the end.  When two or more agree all things are possible.
LA get your umbrellas and rain gear ready because I am a co-creator in this universe.  Meet me there and we can co-create together with the creator of all things.
That is OBMO