>Health Care reforms what is the Debate just fix it!

I don’t think this is an easy issue that can be easily reformed in a year and a day or even a single term. What I do know is that it affects us all weather we ignore it or not.

I hate to say this but deep in my heart I know this is another one of those issues that is all about money. Yes I said it all about money. The reason I say that is because if you have health insurance and you believe it to be good why do you care? Let me tell you why you should care. Even if your caring is for selfish reason such as you want to make sure you or child does not get sick because of someone else who is sick only because they don’t go see a doctor. I understand it is a choice to go the doctor but if you know you can’t afford to pay them, that is what the mind will tell you. Hell I do it with my prescriptions. This is a mindset and is something to think about for all of us.

Let me describe this selfish way of thinking in a story that I heard from the Minister Louis Farrakhan. If your neighbor’s house catches on fire do you not go and put one-bucket on the fire? Even if you throw that bucket only to prevent your house from catching flame, help your neighbor buddy.

Now I will be the first one to tell you that I don’t agree with everything that he speaks. Let me repeat I don’t agree with everything that he speaks, but I don’t agree with everything anyone say’s. Not my mom not my grandma and if you know me I have the most utmost respect for them. I think the commercial said, “You can learn a lot from a dummy”. I am not saying anyone is a dummy here but you should get the point.

Knowledge is power and don’t limit where that knowledge comes from. Such as learning what the trees have to teach us just the same as what the ocean has to teach us as well. Kids are a great source of knowledge because they have limited filters and see things more clear because the value of money has not hit them yet.

Back to this health care issue. I have no problems with any company making a profit. I am trying to make one myself with my own business. My real question is how much money do you need? Yes I understand public traded company’s have shareholders to pay but lets keep it real. If the median household income is 50k what the hell can you do with 50m? That is a lot of coin to any of us well me I know it is. Now your intelligent question should be 50m is not a lot for a company. Good question. The example that gets me is a CEO of an oil company last year has a salary of 100+k. But from all the bonuses grossed millions. Do the math at the one of the worst economic times of record profits with almost $4/gallon for gas. I have a problem with this.

The last thing I want to say is if you know how to fix or help this process of reform where are you? The government is looking for you and people without insurance or even people with insurance need you. Are you a part of the problem or the solution, if you know how to fix it and don’t. You just as well had not known because your lack of sharing makes you a part of the problem. I was recently involved in a mini workout at my job. Six Sigma, Black Belt type of workout and everyone involved had the chance to give input. If any of us did not share and we don’t like the result it is out own fault.