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The Soul Reporter is Stretching Herself

Support others is what we do here at iObmo. Namaste

Okay, I know you got the email about me asking you to vote for the blog contest. It’s going really well, and I think I am really serious because now, I’ve put my face on you tube for the cause. The cause is really about my message and from the responses I am receiving it is a universal one. Here is the link to my latest post, and inside the post is my video. I hope that you will vote, and if you already have- thank you so very much…

Deadline May 16, 5 pm PST

And this will be my last email with this request. I feel a bit uneasy “selling” myself, but like I said it’s the message and when an opportunity comes, I’ve vowed to give it my all. So again, thank you.




Blog Contest

Message from the Soul Reporter, your help is requested and appreciated. 

Hello reader,
I need a favor. I entered Brian Tracy’s Blog Contest and my entry was chosen for the top 60 out of 500 entries. To be in the top 10, I need votes. To vote, go to the link below and post a comment- and that’s it. Voting ends on May 16 at 5 pm PST. This contest can help expose my writing/work/blog- something I’ve been working on for many years. I appreciate your support and if you would, send it to your friends and family as well. From the post you will see the message I am sending out into the world. Thank you.

Much love,


Nikki Di Virgilio, The Soul Reporter: Face to Face With the Guru

Nikki Di Virgilio, The Soul Reporter: Face to Face With the Guru