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John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success


John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

Your heart must be in your work. Stimulate others.
With all levels of your co-workers. Help others and see the other side.
To yourself and all those dependent upon you. Keep your self-respect.
Comes from mutual esteem, respect and devotion.
Worthwhile things come from hard work and careful planning.
Emotions under control. Delicate adjustment between mind & body. Judgment and common sense.
Be observing constantly. Be quick to spot a weakness, and correct it or use it, as the case may warrant.
Cultivate the ability to make decisions and think alone. Desire to excel.
Ability to resist temptation. Concentrate on your objective and be determined to reach your goal.
Mental–Moral– Physical. Rest, exercise and diet must be considered. Moderation. Dissipation eliminated.
A knowledge of and the ability to properly execute the fundamentals. Be prepared. Cover every detail.
An eagerness to sacrifice personal interests or glory for the welfare of all. “The team comes first.”
Just being yourself. Being at ease in any situation. Never fighting yourself.
Respect without fear. Confident. Faith in yourself knowing you are prepared.
“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Be at your best when your best is needed. Love of a hard battle.




Your Ready To Fly

Well today is the day that my family has thought about for the last 10 years at least.  It is amazing to me how it kind of sneaks up on you.  Alyssa Jenee is Graduating from High School today June 4th 2010.

I am very proud of her for not only Graduating but also doing it with great style and passion.  See she gets good grades and has a passion to do great things.  Sounds a lot like me when I was in school but the difference is she is taking it to the next step, moving to new state to pursue her desire.

Life will show her some challenges to make her stronger and she will have some moments of regrets.  My hope and desire is that she continues in pursuit with great diligence.  See WIT (Whatever It Takes) is what I tell her, my only requirement is it does not involve selling her body or doing something she does not believe in.

Other than that this is going to be a great adventure, and I am looking forward to watching you grow.


Happy Birthday

This is a re-post:

Today is my Birthday and I have graduated from it being about me and my birthday to being about my kids birthday’s. Yes mine is the 11th of June my oldest is the 18th and my youngest is the 21st.

This was one of many lessons that I have learned after Nate Walker’s passing. I do not truly know the lesson 100% but I can tell you this. It means more to me for them to have great memory’s about the day they blessed me. This blessing will be forever so I think the honor in that is what is so special.

I will never forget when I would rush to go wish him a happy birthday June 1st every year because I knew mine was only 10 day’s away. He is the most special man I have every know, well until my mom married my Dad.

My Grandpa Nate (Pops) shares no blood relation with me, but you could not tell him or I that because of how we feel about each other. This part is so important to me because my blood grandpa Charles Logan Sr. was Nate’s best friend during childhood. I remember doing everything with Nate even more so then his own true blood son’s little Nate. It is a very special relationship to me because I lacked a true role model in my life. So GOD blessed me with his wisdom for such a short time. See he died 11/11/97 at 10:10am at the young age of 66 as a Veteran passing on Veterans Day. I was and I am still crushed by this loss because I don’t have this kind of relationship with anyone. The closest is my dad (Donnie), see to love someone like they are your own flesh and blood is the best love you can share with someone when they are not your true flesh and blood. That is how he got the name Pops because he is the closest to Pops I have every seen.

Back to the Birthday stuff. I would wish Pops Happy Birthday and he would say thanks or knowing him he would say nothing. He would reach in to his big wallet and give me money for my birthday. I would say “Pops this is your birthday” he would always reply with “you better come over here and get this while I got it” so I would of course go to get my gift from him. I say him because after giving to me this money he would always say “now you better get over to see your grandma and get what she has for you”. It always touched me that he thought of me on his birthday. I never understood why until I had 2 birthday’s that mean more then mine.

Still to this day my Wife wants to make a big deal out of my Birthday and I am like whatever because I would prefer the kids have the special Birthday. Now this does not mean I don’t appreciate party’s or gifts because I do and look forward to them, I just I just don’t expect them.

Happy Birthday to me but most of all to my Girls Alyssa (AD) and Lilli (Lil)