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Why Buy American

I posted a picture of the sun setting and a car was in my shot.  Someone commented to me “Buy Anerican”  But I know they meant American.  Do you feel obligated to buy American if the quality sucks?  It’s been my experience that many of the parts for these American made products are not made in America.  As far as cars go I love a Mercedes always have and always will.  This brand is not cheap to buy or maintain and that is a flaw, but with safety and style being what matters most to me, the CL-Class wins.  I don’t currently own one but I think I haven driven more than the average person and close to the avg Benz owner.  My Pops has sold them for over 10 years and I was fortunate to get to test drive them.  being 18 years old and someone trusting you with 80k worth of car by yourself is a good feeling.

The American trucks are a little better but if you compare it to some of the Japanese ones they have a fight on their hands.  I have been a GM man all my life, its how I was raised.  But then the more reliable car was (Toyota) was introduced to me.  Then a safe care (Mercedes) was shown to me and I was allowed to drive it, if you want to talk about love at first everything.  When I sold cars I sold new Nissan and pre-owned Mercedes, and I got the job because of my pops.  I kept the job because I could sell Benz’s, I sold more than anyone else in my starting class.  Why because I sold the sizzle not the steak.  You already knew you want a steak I just helped you see the sizzle in a Benz.

The Air Land & Sea is the most elegant car I have ever driven, I have to put that in because I have not driven many of the other non-American cars I like.  To be honest the Benz makes me like a kid in the candy store, I love it (CL-Class) every time I see it.  Yes I like the others as well but that is the one I landed on ever since it’s debut as the SEC.  For those that don’t really understand this the SEC is a coupe version of the S-Class and the CL is the most expensive base model Benz you can buy. 

OK I have got on a tangent but I think this clearly explains why buying American is not the best choice if you love something else.  Buying American is good for the economy and good for our pride, but take your pride and ego out of this equation and build a great product.  Stop being bottom line driven when you can just be bottom line conscious.

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Frigidaire Dishwashers Suck

This is a rare post from me because I really don’t like complaining about things.  But This time I have had enough of this issue with out dishwasher.  I sold appliances for 5 years and when it came to dishwashers Frigidaire was and as far as I can tell is the worst.  Not because it looks bad but because just as I use to say when people wanted to buy the low end one, “are you planning on cleaning them before you put them in the dishwasher”?  Now here I am years later basically having to do just that.  Yes we have hard water, yes we are renting the house so you know I would have never got this pieces of a piece.

Frigidaire is the if not the cheapest dishwasher you can buy.  Don’t get me wrong GE was terrible as well but if you got a mid range model you were good, not to mention they went through some major changes to get up to par with the leaders.  My point of this is why is Frigidaire trying to reinvent a good dishwasher when they can’t get the basics down?  Someone they trust and will listen to needs to tell them to stick with the basics, I think I will send this to them.  The sales they have are all based on price, and price alone.  I would be the CEO does not even have one in his house, and if he does he is not aware of how awful it cleans because he does not use it or he is never home to.

Sorry everyone but I had to get that out there.