One oh the Greatest Gifts you can give a person is a life lesson. My uncle Vann took me fishing at a young age to Lake Nokomis.

He showed me what I needed to know to catch fish at a young age. When I got older I wanted to fish more for the fight.

A friend of mine named Ted was a big time fisherman. He had everything, he is the type of Sportsman who cleans the fish when the boat lands. This is important to understand because you limit the exposure to the site of fly’s, is my guess.

When I went fishing with Ted just like my uncle Vann, he had all the equipment for me to fish. See Ted has brought me plenty of meat but knew the importance of learning how to catch your own.

The point of this post is that we all have fishing poles and holes that we use to feed ourselves and families. The point of life in my mind is to help others eat for a lifetime.

You can over fish a lake and drain the resources. This is a part of the lesson that we only take what we need for the day/week.

Greed has caused many to not share our tools in life to help others. We have to get to the place were we are not worried about someone taking from us, just because they are fishing the same lake.

We have more than enough of everything we need for us all to live a great life. We have to be willing to teach another to fish in our industry without thinking it limits us.

We are one, Namaste