Put your trust in the Creator

My spirituality is not as strong as I thought. I learned this at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim today. I know it’s true because my youngest told me I don’t trust her climbing on the Rocks close to the edge.

I do trust her but not my thoughts of something happening to her and God, her Universal Father letting something happen. As her earthly Father I refuse to watch something happen that could kill her.

If she fell my wife said she would have a heart attack. I would have jumped after her. So that leaves Alyssa by her self so how stupid is that, on my part. But this little girl holds a part of my heart.

The moment put me in the mode of something happening while there and emotionally I could not handle it.

The lesson for me is I have to let my kids go on a Spiritual level. Trust they are guided and will be taken care of, always.

I just keep thinking of the bible, “I see the wood, I see the knife, what will be the sacrafice”. Is what I keep asking myself. I told my God that I am not there yet, I could not do what Mohamad did, and be ready to kill his own child.

We left the park as we came, together but I was changed by the experience. Changed because I now know I have a lot of work to do. It’s no different than Alyssa cutting Trucks off, not driving in the center of her lane. The thing about her is she is older and she listens me on these safty levels.

Ths is a choppy post from my phone but I wanted to share how the Grand Canyon pushed me forward in my Spirituality.

“What you won’t do for yourself, you’ll do for your kids”