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Give A Man A Pole

One oh the Greatest Gifts you can give a person is a life lesson. My uncle Vann took me fishing at a young age to Lake Nokomis.

He showed me what I needed to know to catch fish at a young age. When I got older I wanted to fish more for the fight.

A friend of mine named Ted was a big time fisherman. He had everything, he is the type of Sportsman who cleans the fish when the boat lands. This is important to understand because you limit the exposure to the site of fly’s, is my guess.

When I went fishing with Ted just like my uncle Vann, he had all the equipment for me to fish. See Ted has brought me plenty of meat but knew the importance of learning how to catch your own.

The point of this post is that we all have fishing poles and holes that we use to feed ourselves and families. The point of life in my mind is to help others eat for a lifetime.

You can over fish a lake and drain the resources. This is a part of the lesson that we only take what we need for the day/week.

Greed has caused many to not share our tools in life to help others. We have to get to the place were we are not worried about someone taking from us, just because they are fishing the same lake.

We have more than enough of everything we need for us all to live a great life. We have to be willing to teach another to fish in our industry without thinking it limits us.

We are one, Namaste



The Gift is in the Giving

“The Gift is in the giving”I was told by a close relative of mine that “When I go I am going to leave you everything I have”. This was hard for me to swallow one because it reminded me of the kind of think my mother told me. The biggest difference is she did not say she was going to give me everything she has, the first reason is she is married to my dad. Second I am the oldest with two brothers.

When he told me this I spoke to him very strongly with “Keep your money and stay alive, live life and lets do what we have been talking about”. The things we have been talking about are business ventures of how to help Young Black’s with life skills, and well as Homeless Vets and many different for profit ventures. When my mom told me what she said I told her “I want you not the money”. I think this is why my response to this family member was so profound.

Now please understand what I am about to say because it is very important that you do. To quote my good friend TD Jakes “I am not turning down no good things, I have had enough bad things find me”. I use this quote because we must understand the gift is in the giving and we must honor and respect those that want to give good things to us. It is just as important to receive then it is to give because the gift is in the giving and givers have a hard time receiving.

I do not expect anyone to give me anything because I am not looking for any handouts, I am always looking forward to hand ups. That makes me think of the first time I have ever gone fishing. My uncle took me to Nokomis to fish and I remember getting up early to go get bait in Richfield. I don’t remember if we caught anything and I don’t think we would have kept it anyways because from what I can see those fish don’t look eatable.

The issue I have with accepting a gift after someone has passed is the feeling of responsibility to do the right thing with it. It is hard to follow a persons wish when you are not familiar with what they want done with these possessions.

I want to thank you for the gift you claim to give but like I said before keep your everything and lets do this.

That is OBMO

That is OBMO