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How Can I Help? This is a life changing question you can ask others as well as yourself.

This is the powerful message that I learned from my grandmother, Mrs. Walker as a young child. It has taken me until now to understand the true meaning of the question “How Can I Help.” Now that I have matured and chewed on this meat for a while, I can digest it. Now I trust my ability and willingness to help.

Whenever Mrs. Walker answered the phone at the Food Shelf she greeted each caller with “How Can I Help”. Through this organization she provided food and housing for the less fortunate in her community. Mrs. Walker believed in people and in giving them a “Leg up” when they needed it most. One of the services provided for the clients of the Food Shelf was the E House. This was the arm of this program that provided the homeless participants with an apartment which they could occupy for 6 months on a sliding scale. In this way, they had an address, a phone, as well as food and shelter. Because of this they could comfortably seek employment and feel like a productive part of the community.

Watching Mrs. Walker at the Food Shelf was an amazing sight to see. She had the ability to motivate people to want to work, and I mean people that were not “The working type”. She could even get me to work on Cheese Day by promising me a Big Mac or a Whopper with her after the work was done. Cheese Day we always had cheese and butter for the community and sometimes we would also have honey, rice or dried milk.

The usual Food Shelf offered canned goods, lentils and rice. One time I remember a family coming in that had special needs. The father told my grandmother that they were in need of food and living in their van. My grandma immediately got up, grabbed my hand and headed to the Food Shelf. I started grabbing food we would normally put in a food order like rice and/or lentils. She stopped me and explained that they could not use them because they are living out of the van. She educated me on what items could be eaten without being cooked like canned chili or baked beans. She is a smart woman.

One of the last things she created before her retirement, was preparing taxes for the community, especially those who usually don’t get them done every year. Every Saturday she would be there with her team of volunteers to get a specified number of tax returns done. She also had a list of people that she worked with every season. One person mentioned that she did not see how Mrs. Walker would be able to get her taxes done with that mess on her desk. When my grandma called her to tell her that her taxes were done, the person was amazed because she received the biggest return ever. My grandmother is a very smart woman.

Because of my grandmothers dedication and contribution to her community, I have decided to honor her by starting a National Event called “How Can I Help”. This first annual event is on November 6th 2010, Mrs. Walker’s 79th Birthday. She is unable to continue on with this work without the help of everyone. The intention is to raise the energy level and vibration of our world. You decide what that means for you, and it starts with asking yourself “How Can I Help” wherever you are. You can change a person’s life with a smile or giving a burger from the dollar menu at McDonald’s. Imagine feeling like no one cares and it is you against the world, and then someone says to you, “How Can I Help”? You immediately start to feel you are not alone and someone does care. When you feel that connection with another being it is uplifting, inspiring and satisfying.

My grandma’s desire to help lives in everyone, and Saturday November 6th 2010 is the day to awaken that helping spirit.

Please share this with anyone and everyone because this is one way everyone can be GREAT.

“Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. you only need a heart full of grace. a soul generated by love.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“If there is anything I can do in honor of this GREAT WOMAN, please let me know! She has been a blessing to all who have had the privilege to know her. I’m THERE!!!” ~ Desiree S. Potts

“This women is amazing. There aren’t words to express the feelings she has given to others. Her heart was always full of love and her dedication to others was truly the spirit of God working. I will be involved in this for everyday the spirit of giving should be upon us as it was upon her. Thanks for honoring her”~ Deanna Nolen-Williamson

HOW CAN I HELP” I’ve heard that more than a few times from Mrs. Walker. WE LOVE YOU…..
~ Pamela Weems

Thanks for your support