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>I Wanted That…

>You got what you asked for, you always get what you ask for.
Think about it. I have received everything I have ever asked for. The other things I have not received yet.
In this short experience you will see.
When we went to the fair my little one Lilli noticed a quarter on the ground. She of course went to pick it up to feel the abundance of the universe. But struggled to get it off the ground. I then tried to do it myself thinking it would be easy.
It was stuck, the kind of stuck were it did not make sense to spend a bunch of time to get it unstuck. So we left to to enjoy more of the “Minnesota Great Big Fat Get Together”, well that’s what I call it.
Lilli was not happy because in her words “I wanted that Quarter”. As we moved on I told her that it was a trick quarter with a camera watching everyone try to pick it up.
We forgot about to glued quarter and continued on with the day. Now it was time for Gelato’s, my mouth waters with the thought.
My wife got a big one to share with me because I should not have a whole one and Lilli got a small one all to herself. If you have never had one before, try it next chance you get. My wife claims Gelato’s in Italy are better but this was not to bad.
We are pretty much done with them and guess what Lilli finds in hers? The quarter that she wanted, it was at the bottom waiting to be found. The moral of this for me comes from the lesson back in my old blog
Be careful for what you ask for you just might get it.
Thanks again Universe for proving the Abundance in our life.


>Know It All…

>Are you a know it all? Do you think you are a know it all? Someone you love thinks you are. You might live or visit this person often.

I know a lot, but not even I know "It all". My quote I came up with back in the retail days was, "Its what you know after knowing everything, that matters the most". This person from then knew everything while knowing nothing.

He knew what was going to be on sale, when sale was and not to mention who was on first, second, third not to mention who was stealing home. This was not an opinion he knew it end of conversation.

I however have an opinion on most everything and I am willing to dialog about it. People ask for my opinion on things all the time, so that is why I started OBMO. To express that one opinion that only I have. See we all get to have one. The question is do you express it, or is it snuffed out by an heavely opinionated person like myself?

So like my pops use to say "Big Dummy", "Dont be a Dummy all your life. Thanks pops I am working on that.

And this is just OBMO

>A Story of Trusting

>A story of trusting.
I was with my oldest going to the local Aldi's to buy food for dinner.

I asked Alyssa to come into store because we were having one of our life talks and they are rare but engaging when we have them. This store does not have everything like a regular one, but it works for me.

After getting everything I told Alyssa that I wanted to look for caned milk. Mostly so we did not have to go to another store to get it. I told her that they might have it because of the diversity that shops there. We went down every aisle looking for this milk while staying present in our life talk.

We were unable to find it so we went upfront to check out. Guess what was sitting at the register? Exactly what we were looking for, in the exact quantity a single can of this milk.

I said this is what trusting does in my life. It provides all of my needs acording to my level of trust.

See I like most could have been mad that I would have to go to another store to get this milk. It is out of the way I am tired or any of those low leval complaints Like everything in life we choose to feel a certain way.

For me I trusted it would be there and when I did not find it I was ok with going to get it at another store. And then that is when the Universe said Yes.

Thanks spirit for proving yet again the abundance in my life.



>What Is Behind That Door?

>A man dies and an Angel come to bring him to heaven. While on the way to meet GOD they pass many doors. The man ask what in there? The Angel reply you don’t want to see because it is painful to see. The continue on and see another door. Same question what is behind that door? The Angel reply’s are you sure you want to see? The man say’s yes I really want to see. So they open the door filled with everything that you could imagine or ever even dreamed of. The man asked what is all of this. The Angel reply’s this is everything the God had in store for you. The man was saddened by this fact. To my understanding it is because we lack faith and it limits us from achieving all that is waiting for us to explore.

So have faith for it is the only thing we will be judge on.


>Health Care Reform What Is The Debate?

>Health Care reforms what is the Debate just fix it!

I don’t think this is an easy issue that can be easily reformed in a year and a day or even a single term. What I do know is that it affects us all weather we ignore it or not.

I hate to say this but deep in my heart I know this is another one of those issues that is all about money. Yes I said it all about money. The reason I say that is because if you have health insurance and you believe it to be good why do you care? Let me tell you why you should care. Even if your caring is for selfish reason such as you want to make sure you or child does not get sick because of someone else who is sick only because they don’t go see a doctor. I understand it is a choice to go the doctor but if you know you can’t afford to pay them, that is what the mind will tell you. Hell I do it with my prescriptions. This is a mindset and is something to think about for all of us.

Let me describe this selfish way of thinking in a story that I heard from the Minister Louis Farrakhan. If your neighbor’s house catches on fire do you not go and put one-bucket on the fire? Even if you throw that bucket only to prevent your house from catching flame, help your neighbor buddy.

Now I will be the first one to tell you that I don’t agree with everything that he speaks. Let me repeat I don’t agree with everything that he speaks, but I don’t agree with everything anyone say’s. Not my mom not my grandma and if you know me I have the most utmost respect for them. I think the commercial said, “You can learn a lot from a dummy”. I am not saying anyone is a dummy here but you should get the point.

Knowledge is power and don’t limit where that knowledge comes from. Such as learning what the trees have to teach us just the same as what the ocean has to teach us as well. Kids are a great source of knowledge because they have limited filters and see things more clear because the value of money has not hit them yet.

Back to this health care issue. I have no problems with any company making a profit. I am trying to make one myself with my own business. My real question is how much money do you need? Yes I understand public traded company’s have shareholders to pay but lets keep it real. If the median household income is 50k what the hell can you do with 50m? That is a lot of coin to any of us well me I know it is. Now your intelligent question should be 50m is not a lot for a company. Good question. The example that gets me is a CEO of an oil company last year has a salary of 100+k. But from all the bonuses grossed millions. Do the math at the one of the worst economic times of record profits with almost $4/gallon for gas. I have a problem with this.

The last thing I want to say is if you know how to fix or help this process of reform where are you? The government is looking for you and people without insurance or even people with insurance need you. Are you a part of the problem or the solution, if you know how to fix it and don’t. You just as well had not known because your lack of sharing makes you a part of the problem. I was recently involved in a mini workout at my job. Six Sigma, Black Belt type of workout and everyone involved had the chance to give input. If any of us did not share and we don’t like the result it is out own fault.


>Life The Great Equalizer

>Why do people who abuse power get more? Why does the good guy always seem to finish last? Why do we care?

I call life the great equalizer because sooner or later it will catch up to you. If you only take a snapshot of it, it could look messed up or it could look beautiful. Depending on if you are going up or down in the infitite.

But when you run the whole race that pretty dude does not have the energy to finish strong. Why you ask? Because to much of the energy was spend on the wrong things.

Yes we want to look good running the race but it is more important to finish. If you can look good the whole race is better then just looking good in a moment such as the beginning or the end.

I guess what I am trying to tell myself is it is greater later. What is even more funny is I know the promise.

The promise that all of my needed will be provided for. See the creator took care of me when I had a job as well as when I did not have a job. It is the mean time in between time is where I keep getting stuck. This too shall pass for I have the faith the size of a mustard seed. For this I know because my creator tells me so.

I want to thank you for reading this. By reading this you support my desire to be positive in a what seems to be a negative charged world. I am shifting that energy one blog or thought at a time.


>Do Cops Ever Get Charged?

>Do cops ever get charged for the abuse the commit on citizens?

I am not saying they don’t but it seems that even with video, eye witnesses they never seems to get jail time. They get put on leave with pay usually and then are put back on the street.

Why is it we don’t hold cops that go outside of the cop rule book to the same standards are we do any other criminal.

Something to think about as I have stated before they are a gang with the law behind them. When they follow the rules they are good but when they don’t they should be prosecuted as well. Not just because of public out cry but because the law is the law no matter who you are.