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>Black People Stand Up


My people stand up & say it loud… if you don’t know the words “I am Black and I am Proud”

But even more importantly be proud! We as a people do a lot of yelling and don’t act very proudly. Yes we have selfish pride that is self serving, meaning it serves only self.

But we lack the type of pride that is serving all of the human race, not all of course Blacks.

I am very troubled to to fact that we as a people are fighting on two fronts. Our leaders or role models are being killed by blacks and whites. My issue is the obvious but mostly because of the recent news of hideous crimes against our people. Black are committing crimes against other blacks because they lack respect. And whites are taking committing crimes against our people because they are taking their perceived power to a new level.

Such as white cops shooting blacks in handcuffs while in custody or these black on blacks for money, cars, chains, rims or whatever.

Read, “Get up get out and get something”. We as a nation of people want but are not willing to do what is required to get it. So this is why we steal lie and cheat.

It is time to sow good seed to reap good fruits

Seed time and harvest = faith.


>Too Black Too Strong

>Here we are in 2009 with a President who happens to be Black and it just as well may be back in the 60’s.

The best way to describe this is “Fear of a Black Planet”. Are we as a people of the human race in fear? Did you think that you could tell us the rules of the game and we would not master them? Are you really scared to changed “the complexion” and “atmosphere” of our world?

I heard this morning that some if not all of these kids are scared forever from this Creative Steps Day Care Center. I can truly say that I don’t recall any type of racial segregation like this in my life. This is very troubling to me because it is a Jim Crow thing just as you have always said Uncle.

How does the below make you feel? Please write your comments I want to hear them

Hard to imagine my people use to deal with this and even harder to imagine my people dealing with this today in 2009.

What the hell are we fighting for?

It is funny to me that most all White people want to be darker by tanning, have fuller lips and a nice ass. But from looking at this picture they could not drink from the same faucet or from what is going on today not swim in the same pool? What is that?

I don’t think all people are racist even though I do know we all have it in us, ya I said it. I have to deal with this fear in my own marriage. My wife’s family can’t accept me because I am not Italian. This is only hard for me because my wife rightfully so loves her family and want a relationship with them and our marriage has cause some distance in those relationships in my perception.

What I wish people would understand is we are more alike then we are different. We tend to let our differences dictate to us on how to live our life rather then merging our core strengths to be stronger. We are stronger together then we are alone, doing on our own. Example lets just say you can push 100 pounds and I can push 100 pounds, do you think we together working as one can only push 200 pounds? The answer is no we can push more together then we can push alone.

We as a people as a race need to find a way to make this and turn this to a positive for us all. I don’t know about you but we can’t afford to have another Civil War, and I will tell you why. Black folks are ready NOW! We can read, write, listen, shoot, swim, and be peaceful. Lets all pray for peace.

I want to end with this message from Tupac as I have interpreted it:

The struggle:
I am hungry, my family is hungry.
I see through the window food, fun and laughter.
I knock you open I ask you for some food so I can feed my family?
You respond “No Food In Here”
I wait to gain courage to know again because I know you have food I seen it.
I knock again and ask you please can you spare some food so I can feed my family?
You respond “No Food In Here”.
I leave defeated until I realize I can’t take it no more.
Now I don’t knock on the door, now I break the door down and I am not asking anymore. Now I am taking what I want with my tool.

The moral of this story to me is I am only going to ask a few times for what I need, and being a part of the struggle is what leads to the need to take. I am not saying it is right, but I am saying I understand.

Now we have other tools in the toolbox that we can use.

27And Isaac said to them, Why have you come to me, seeing that you hate me and have sent me away from you?
28They said, We saw that the Lord was certainly with you; so we said, Let there be now an oath between us [carrying a curse with it to befall the one who breaks it], even between you and us, and let us make a covenant with you
29That you will do us no harm, inasmuch as we have not touched you and have done to you nothing but good and have sent you away in peace. You are now the blessed or favored of the Lord!


Black and Beautiful in America

I some times answer my phone with “Black and Beautiful” or “Black in America”. I do this to remind myself that I Am, Black and Beautiful in America. Usually the person on the other end knows where I am coming from with this statement then laughs in agreement.

I really started this when Obama became the President of America. Notice I did not say President of and for Black people, or for rich people or even poor people. It started then because we as a people seem to feel like we had something to be proud of again. See if you are one of these people that voted for him expecting him to make this change on his own, you are or will soon be fooled. See he is the President of America the land of the free home of the brave.

All he did was show the possibility’s of making change people can see. What he understand best to me is the realizes that it only starts with him, but the rest of the work in this case is up to the people. In spite of what your thoughts or beliefs of him, he is NOT the all knowing or the all powerful one who could get himself elected or make the changes we all need. It took a nation of people to put him in office and it will take that same nation to make the changes we all need with his help and support. “It takes a nation of people to hold my people back” search the quote if you don’t know.

See for Black folks Obama gives us what I call bragging rights or a even better a target on our backs. See because where whites can get away with doing something a black person is not able to. Why you might ask because them people are watching, most blacks are not the that interested in the crimes whites commit unless it is the mob or the difference of being convicted for powder cocaine (Whites) vs rock cocaine (Blacks) typically. Some black people have taken this time as some kind of power trip for themselves and to take action to the agenda they have. This is the time to exploit the differences in the way Whites are treated vs. Blacks. “It takes a nation of people to hold my people back”.

When it comes to Obama they are watching for the jelly on that Brooks Brothers Suit or for him to stumble over his words or just plan show his humanness or in this case his blackness. We as a people need to be even more on point even more aware of what is going on. By checking our intentions because “the man” (White People) are still trying to figure us out. If you thought that all we had to do was put a Black man in office then you have been duped and you will be duped again.

He has only paved the way to more of the same prejudices, now just even more undercover. I say undercover because now they change the way they do things. My example is the new seat belt law in many states. A very good friend of mine was driving from a work site up north back to the cities. This was the first week this new law was put in effect. What happen is the cop sped up to get along side of him while beeping that horn that basically say’s look around and move out the way, just to verify he was wearing his seat belt. This is the New Racial Profiling to stop people based on a speculation of how the car or truck looks or the driver. What they did not take into account is who is driving these cars that once looked like a Black persons car not to mention how dangerous it is to be speeding on our highways these day blowing that dam horn. If you don’t believe me take a look at what stock cars and truck use to look like 10 years ago and look at them now. Now they come with Dubs or 22’s from the factory, and if they don’t come from the factory like that they are a factory option.

Why is that? Because Business America has realized the power and influence that Black America has on America. Take the Caddy for example. Only black people and some rare white people usually from Florida or Texas know about Vogue Tires, Mock Tops and Gold Trimming. Blacks have been adding this style as after market parts for years, now they are a factory option and the dealer will install for you and roll the cost into the load. I guess you could always get Vogue’s from the dealer but they would be a special order, now most have them in stock for quick sale. As resent as 5 years ago the wheels are even getting bigger from the factory as well as gold package’s and wheel and tire types of packages being sold from the factory. If you want some more example to search on or take notice of look at your news casters or reporters more blacks. Look at the beats on video games or major company commercials showing famous blacks or the music they made famous.

The issue with this form a Racial Profiling is that it is one more way for that corrupt cop to gain access to suspected law breakers. My point is now those potential law breakers with the vogue tires are blue collar as well as white collar workers, not just the baller’s and shot callers of the pimps and hoes.

My opinion is this the sooner we as a nation realizes that Blacks are not going to keep asking for what they need to be a major part of this America we helped make. After we ask a couple time with now action we are going to start taking.