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>Do Cops Ever Get Charged?

>Do cops ever get charged for the abuse the commit on citizens?

I am not saying they don’t but it seems that even with video, eye witnesses they never seems to get jail time. They get put on leave with pay usually and then are put back on the street.

Why is it we don’t hold cops that go outside of the cop rule book to the same standards are we do any other criminal.

Something to think about as I have stated before they are a gang with the law behind them. When they follow the rules they are good but when they don’t they should be prosecuted as well. Not just because of public out cry but because the law is the law no matter who you are.



>Black People Stand Up


My people stand up & say it loud… if you don’t know the words “I am Black and I am Proud”

But even more importantly be proud! We as a people do a lot of yelling and don’t act very proudly. Yes we have selfish pride that is self serving, meaning it serves only self.

But we lack the type of pride that is serving all of the human race, not all of course Blacks.

I am very troubled to to fact that we as a people are fighting on two fronts. Our leaders or role models are being killed by blacks and whites. My issue is the obvious but mostly because of the recent news of hideous crimes against our people. Black are committing crimes against other blacks because they lack respect. And whites are taking committing crimes against our people because they are taking their perceived power to a new level.

Such as white cops shooting blacks in handcuffs while in custody or these black on blacks for money, cars, chains, rims or whatever.

Read, “Get up get out and get something”. We as a nation of people want but are not willing to do what is required to get it. So this is why we steal lie and cheat.

It is time to sow good seed to reap good fruits

Seed time and harvest = faith.

>Crooked Officer

>I hate crooked officers. Why?
“Crooked officers crooked officers I know you want to see me in a coffin sir” Ghetto Boy’s (Scarface)

Because they like any other bad seed give a bad name to good crops or cops in this case.

It is a shame when the cops come to your house and ask “is this your house”. I tend to think no I am robbing the place and decided answer the door. The kicker is that is what they are thinking.

In the case of breaking into your own house and the cops show up. Then take you to jail, charge you with breaking and entering into your own house. That is a pile of shit and here is why. Someone not only seen you break in but watched you break in. If it was night time I give your naibor a small break. In the sense that the could not tell if it was you. But here is the twist, they would not be able to see you or any one either.

Now here is the skinny. That same person see’s you use your key to gain access on many times but does not take time to get to know you. Not your name or your childrens names or really anything about you. They seen all they needed to see, another Black family. Or better yet you are the first and they sigh and say “there goes the peace and quiet”.

My point is they knew it was you and it was your house. But what better way to send a message to you and yours. Then to call the police, I bet you trust they are watching you now!

Non Black people (whites) get “are your parents home”. I can understand being upset with that on some level. But let’s be honest that is a complement. Just like being asked for ID to buy beer.

So I am going to tell you the same I tell my child and myself. “I am smart, intelligent & beautiful”!

So if I am we are because we are the same just with different mothers