Love has a language of its own, yet really all you have to know is it is the way.  I love the movie The Passion of Christ, not because it was easy to watch by any means.  I loved it because it spoke the truth of what God is, God is Love, the truth and the way. 

I recently went to see the movie Red Tails, in that movie the Love/Romance was a pilot seeing what he though was a beautiful Italian women on a roof top hanging clothes on a line.  They waved at each other with a smile of course and you would think that was it.  The pilot appears to be a bit of a womanizer based on what they want us to believe about the pilot.  After landing the plane he jumps in a jeep to go find this women from the roof top.  Once he find her he finds out that she does not speak English and he does not speak Italian.  He tails his friends that she is the one and only one that he wants to be with.  Her mother is or seems excited to have her daughter involved with a military man.

It was hard to tell how the women felt at first but after watching them together you could tell she cared for him as well.  The point here is they could not speak to each other in a common understanding, yet they were clearly speaking to each other on the Love Connection or Love Language.  Even when you do speak the same native language you could be speaking in different languages.  Women speak Women while men speak man, neither are right or wrong just harder to understand for the opposite sex.  Does this mean they are unable to connect or speak to one another? I don’t think so but what it does mean is you have let that universal language of love speak louder.

I don’t know why it is that men speak such a totally different language than women, I guess it is not totally different but yet different enough.