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>Crooked Officer

>I hate crooked officers. Why?
“Crooked officers crooked officers I know you want to see me in a coffin sir” Ghetto Boy’s (Scarface)

Because they like any other bad seed give a bad name to good crops or cops in this case.

It is a shame when the cops come to your house and ask “is this your house”. I tend to think no I am robbing the place and decided answer the door. The kicker is that is what they are thinking.

In the case of breaking into your own house and the cops show up. Then take you to jail, charge you with breaking and entering into your own house. That is a pile of shit and here is why. Someone not only seen you break in but watched you break in. If it was night time I give your naibor a small break. In the sense that the could not tell if it was you. But here is the twist, they would not be able to see you or any one either.

Now here is the skinny. That same person see’s you use your key to gain access on many times but does not take time to get to know you. Not your name or your childrens names or really anything about you. They seen all they needed to see, another Black family. Or better yet you are the first and they sigh and say “there goes the peace and quiet”.

My point is they knew it was you and it was your house. But what better way to send a message to you and yours. Then to call the police, I bet you trust they are watching you now!

Non Black people (whites) get “are your parents home”. I can understand being upset with that on some level. But let’s be honest that is a complement. Just like being asked for ID to buy beer.

So I am going to tell you the same I tell my child and myself. “I am smart, intelligent & beautiful”!

So if I am we are because we are the same just with different mothers



>What is easy to Do…

>”What is easy to do, is easy not to do”

Have you ever told yourself I will do that tomorrow and not? Have you ever went on a trip and needed to get a lot of things done before and did get them done? I mean amazingly get them all done.

What I have found to be true for me is the things I think will be hard tend to come easy. While the things I see as easy seem to be the most challenging.

Why is that? Is it that I have done less prep work because I told myself it would be easy? Is it because I do so much prep for the hard stuff it seems easy?

What this has just showed me is every event if possible should be approached the same. The quote
I like is “Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first” Jay-Z.
It keeps you thirsty and hungry without being cocky. Because you realize this is my first, and it could be my last.

Some might think of a batter or pitcher that does some what looks to be weird stuff like adjust his shirt or smack his hat or spit in his hands.

While some will like to take an airplane for example. Its approach is the same whenever its landing.

What is easy to do, is easy not to do because we tell ourselves it is easy and can be easily done later. But if we keep putting of til tomorrow for what we can do today. Tomorrow will be filled with to many things too do in one day.


>What does the N-Word Mean?


I have been inspired by a 10 year old Johnathan E. McCoy. It is amazing how much we can learn from our youth yet we tend to tell them to be seen and not heard. The issue with that is we have exposed them to way to much for them to set back and not be heard.

This N-Word has never been defined in the way Johanthen has helped me to understand it, he has made a impact on my life and inspired me to be better then I was yesterday. I use to be the one to defend for the free use of the word, after hearing this speech It needs no more defending from me. I will still defend the rights for ignorant people to use but not in a way that tried to make people understand what the word really means. For those of you please feel free to be a part of the issue rather then a part of the solution.

At the ripe young age of 10 he realizes the impact of words and what it does to a people. I have said this word many times without regard to the impact it has on our souls. When I use to say it I would say it to anyone White or Black depending on my relationship with them, and not consider the impact on the soul. The soul must be sore of numb to this word because it is not a empowering word.
I have just realized this words imitating meaning and don’t want to cause limits in any of our lives. We need to be one with our thoughts and intentions and use our strengths vs. our weaknesses to achieve all things that are in store for us. To be empowering is what we all want and need in life similar to how we encourage a runner to keep running when they are tired, “you can do it” we tell them.

My oldest told me that I cuss because I have a limited vocabulary that would say that I used the N-Word because of the same reason. On many levels she is right because I don’t know all the words in the dictionary that could help me articulate my feelings rather then just saying a word that everyone knows the meaning of.

If you are one of the many people that find truth in using this word please feel free to use at your own will. Just keep living and life will happen to you as well, and you too will be inspired to choose again. In life we have free will and if we don’t like what we see, “we can change the way we look at it and what we look at will change” Wayne Dyer.

Life is what we make it so make it the way you want it, if you have given your power away then take it back because you can’t loose what is yours. And you can’t give away what is not yours to give away.

With that said lets all join in agreement and stop hindering ourselves and others with a word that is desecrating us from the inside out.

Thanks Johnathan for inspiring me


>Too Black Too Strong

>Here we are in 2009 with a President who happens to be Black and it just as well may be back in the 60’s.

The best way to describe this is “Fear of a Black Planet”. Are we as a people of the human race in fear? Did you think that you could tell us the rules of the game and we would not master them? Are you really scared to changed “the complexion” and “atmosphere” of our world?

I heard this morning that some if not all of these kids are scared forever from this Creative Steps Day Care Center. I can truly say that I don’t recall any type of racial segregation like this in my life. This is very troubling to me because it is a Jim Crow thing just as you have always said Uncle.

How does the below make you feel? Please write your comments I want to hear them

Hard to imagine my people use to deal with this and even harder to imagine my people dealing with this today in 2009.

What the hell are we fighting for?

It is funny to me that most all White people want to be darker by tanning, have fuller lips and a nice ass. But from looking at this picture they could not drink from the same faucet or from what is going on today not swim in the same pool? What is that?

I don’t think all people are racist even though I do know we all have it in us, ya I said it. I have to deal with this fear in my own marriage. My wife’s family can’t accept me because I am not Italian. This is only hard for me because my wife rightfully so loves her family and want a relationship with them and our marriage has cause some distance in those relationships in my perception.

What I wish people would understand is we are more alike then we are different. We tend to let our differences dictate to us on how to live our life rather then merging our core strengths to be stronger. We are stronger together then we are alone, doing on our own. Example lets just say you can push 100 pounds and I can push 100 pounds, do you think we together working as one can only push 200 pounds? The answer is no we can push more together then we can push alone.

We as a people as a race need to find a way to make this and turn this to a positive for us all. I don’t know about you but we can’t afford to have another Civil War, and I will tell you why. Black folks are ready NOW! We can read, write, listen, shoot, swim, and be peaceful. Lets all pray for peace.

I want to end with this message from Tupac as I have interpreted it:

The struggle:
I am hungry, my family is hungry.
I see through the window food, fun and laughter.
I knock you open I ask you for some food so I can feed my family?
You respond “No Food In Here”
I wait to gain courage to know again because I know you have food I seen it.
I knock again and ask you please can you spare some food so I can feed my family?
You respond “No Food In Here”.
I leave defeated until I realize I can’t take it no more.
Now I don’t knock on the door, now I break the door down and I am not asking anymore. Now I am taking what I want with my tool.

The moral of this story to me is I am only going to ask a few times for what I need, and being a part of the struggle is what leads to the need to take. I am not saying it is right, but I am saying I understand.

Now we have other tools in the toolbox that we can use.

27And Isaac said to them, Why have you come to me, seeing that you hate me and have sent me away from you?
28They said, We saw that the Lord was certainly with you; so we said, Let there be now an oath between us [carrying a curse with it to befall the one who breaks it], even between you and us, and let us make a covenant with you
29That you will do us no harm, inasmuch as we have not touched you and have done to you nothing but good and have sent you away in peace. You are now the blessed or favored of the Lord!


The Gift is in the Giving

“The Gift is in the giving”I was told by a close relative of mine that “When I go I am going to leave you everything I have”. This was hard for me to swallow one because it reminded me of the kind of think my mother told me. The biggest difference is she did not say she was going to give me everything she has, the first reason is she is married to my dad. Second I am the oldest with two brothers.

When he told me this I spoke to him very strongly with “Keep your money and stay alive, live life and lets do what we have been talking about”. The things we have been talking about are business ventures of how to help Young Black’s with life skills, and well as Homeless Vets and many different for profit ventures. When my mom told me what she said I told her “I want you not the money”. I think this is why my response to this family member was so profound.

Now please understand what I am about to say because it is very important that you do. To quote my good friend TD Jakes “I am not turning down no good things, I have had enough bad things find me”. I use this quote because we must understand the gift is in the giving and we must honor and respect those that want to give good things to us. It is just as important to receive then it is to give because the gift is in the giving and givers have a hard time receiving.

I do not expect anyone to give me anything because I am not looking for any handouts, I am always looking forward to hand ups. That makes me think of the first time I have ever gone fishing. My uncle took me to Nokomis to fish and I remember getting up early to go get bait in Richfield. I don’t remember if we caught anything and I don’t think we would have kept it anyways because from what I can see those fish don’t look eatable.

The issue I have with accepting a gift after someone has passed is the feeling of responsibility to do the right thing with it. It is hard to follow a persons wish when you are not familiar with what they want done with these possessions.

I want to thank you for the gift you claim to give but like I said before keep your everything and lets do this.

That is OBMO

That is OBMO

Be the best you

As we mourn the Great Michael Jackson it is easy to get in the place where we get stuck in all that he was able to do. The real question is “Do you” to quote a common saying from BK (Brooklyn).

I find it hard to look at someone’s life as anything more then a Great oppertunity for them to have & be what they want to be. Me myself and I need to worry about Self, not in a selfish way but. If you know how to be sucessful then I say go and be sucessful, because that is a beautiful thing for you to be, but it does not help me for you to be. Unless this is the type of sucess that we both can share in as we are not a unit of one in most cases when it comes to sucess.

My God is so powerful that he shuts doors, and some times many of them to get us to see how powerful we are. For me he is helping me to realize that no man holds my dream, it is truly between God and me!

Michael was the best him he could be and he had issues of his own that only he could handle, as we all do. We never got to see him in the ways we are now, such as with the drug addiction being the big thing now. The reason being he did not get his drugs from the streets of LA his were administered by nurses and doctors. This fact does not make it right or wrong just sad that we kind of accept this as normal. I say normal because if Mike smoked crack we would be up in arms about his use of it, but this is the legal stuff.

How can you “Be the best you”? Is it by looking at the man/women in the mirror? Is it by finding your purpose in the world and unfolding it so the world can see? Or is it playing small to serve the world? I feel we spend most of our time playing small to serve ourselves and the world. Why? Great question! We play small because we are scared of ourselves, or failures as well as our greatness. We tend to think fitting in is more important then being true to self.

If Obama & Michael have learned (sorry I had to say it) me anything it is to DO IT, and DO IT NOW! The time is here, if you are waiting for the perfect day and time to do your purpose. You just as well just give up know, because when you find the perfection the creater will be calling for you. The reason is because GOD is looking for a few good men/women.

If you notice the bible is always talking about healing the sick and the people society would consider the less then or “The Least Among Us” (Luke 9:48). If we look at michael for example poor family from GI, it can be said that his hard work and the controversal dicipline from Joe Mikes dad played a part in the success of the family. But really it was GODs will who provided for the family. If it was a person who was already rich say Donald Trump we would say it is because his Dad was rich. Even though GOD was and is present in both situations. I am talking about our preseption of how this came to pass. We look at the Jackson and say it had to be GOD and we look at The Don and say he just had a rich daddy.

Bottom line is this Do Whatever It Takes (WIT) to get to the place you are going, and don’t be affraid of what you will encounter along the way. For everything we encounter has a purpose for our purpose to grow beyond our mental limitations.

When you think of others remember these lyrics from Michael Jacksons song “WILL YOU BE THERE

Hold MeLike The River JordanAnd I Will Then Say To TheeYou Are My Friend

Carry MeLike You Are My BrotherLove Me Like A MotherWill You Be There?

WearyTell Me Will You Hold MeWhen Wrong, Will You Scold MeWhen Lost Will You Find Me?

But They Told MeA Man Should Be FaithfulAnd Walk When Not AbleAnd Fight Till The EndBut I’m Only Human

Everyone’s Taking Control Of MeSeems That The World’sGot A Role For MeI’m So ConfusedWill You Show To MeYou’ll Be There For MeAnd Care Enough To Bear Me

In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?

Will You Be There?

In My Trials
And My Tribulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I’ll Never Let You Part
For You’re Always In My Heart.

I think this song say’s it all!

Thanks Nik for having my back