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>"Touched" – Its a Eternity to come



I just listened to a speech I gave when I was a member of Toastmasters back in 2006

This speech was to be about me and I said “this is the hardest speech I would ever make because of this fact of needing to talk about myself.

I was touched, I was touched by my creator.
“I am better then who I use to be but I am not yet who I inspire to be” OBMO

Most won’t start to take part in one’s own life or health until you get a chronic disease William Osler

God is a present help in my life because I am here OBMO

Dec. 31st 2005 God wrote the below letter to me:

Its a Eternity to come, The Moment:
To my son you have been a good son you have withstood all the trials of life and not given up. I gave you everything that you needed and will need in this life, I gave them to you at birth. The time since then I have used your experiences to get you to know that you have had the power all the time. “There’s no place like home” remember that one? The home is inside of you thank you for trusting in me and trusting in yourself. I want to also thank you for continuing to do my work, I will continue to do yours as well. I will open the heavens and send you another blessing, cause you have already been blessed you don’t yet have room to received the blessing I have for you.

Thanks for co-creating with me it will all come together.


And that is OBMO


>What Are You Going to Do..


What are you going to do with all that Money?
I heard it said that if you have more Money then you know what to do with, it’s like stealing. 
That is very interesting to me because I know what to do with my money.  I have been thinking about a Foundation in my Grandma’s name Mrs. Walker maybe call it the “How can I Help Foundation“.
See I have dreamed about being rich in the monetary way for as long as I can remember.  I have seen families raised in cars, trucks & van’s to say the least.  I know what resources used in the way’s she taught me can change the world not to mention what doing the right things does for one’s own self.  Because the gift is in the giving so what are you giving is what keeps coming to mind.
This is something I desire because my grandma’s mission is not complete and any of you that know her mission have a part to play in moving it forward.  She has perpetuated Great things in all of us that have been touched by her, these things are so great that they reach out beyond the ones that have be directly touched by her.  
My mission today is to help someone build a bridge to the dreams they dream and sorry folks but that in some cases requires money.  Cornel West just said  “Oppressed people are preoccupied with survival rather than the struggle for freedom”.  WOW is all I can say to that.  Mrs. Walker would say it like this “My mission is to help people in need of basic essentials”.  WOW is all I can say about that.
A Foundation that provides affordable house for people to get rental history.  As well as allows them to focus on freedom rather than survival of life’s challenges.
This foundation will also support nourishment through a food shelf network similar to the food bank she relied on.
We will also have a clothing shelf that help cloth the needy as well so everyone can have the ability to dress for the job they want.
The last thing is a Free service to get your taxes done for qualified people based on need for one of the above services.
This is what she did in my eye’s if someone that was around for only a couple years more then me know different please let me know.  Because I don’t know anyone that spent more time with her then me.
I am not perfect and my GOD is not done with me, so don’t judge me.  I am only a product of my environment and that is why I am working so hard to create the environment I want “Basic Essentials for All“.
Thanks again for planting good seeds and thanks Lord for keeping her in my life.
And that is OBMO

>Sweating Out Need for Comfort

>Sweating out my need to always be comfortable in a Sweat Lodge.

I will never forget this day I went to the lodge. Let me first tell you how it came up.

It was back when I first started responding YES to things.
Keep in mind this was back when we were a little more well off so we thought. I say that because when my wife asked me to go I was thinking something different, like a warm building with changing area.

When we get to the place I notice it's a farm or something like that and it's dark. We don't know how much it will cost, I am mad because I don't know what is going on, I am from the cities but out in the sticks where people get killed. Ain't that funny. People die in the cities all the time.

Soon we see the person in charge and I ask all my questions like:
Q: Where do we change?
A: Theres a spot you can change by the lodge.
Q: How much is this?
A: No charge. If anyone charges for this it is not real. Some may charge $5-10 to pay for space but not more then that.

At this point I don't know what I said yes to or why, FEAR is kicking in. Sorry I forgot to tell you it is Winter and yes we have snow on the ground.

We start walking to the lodge about 2-3 blocks at least with snow to my knee almost. When we get there we see the River and this little dome. I did not even think this was it, one because I'm looking for building two I can't fit in there.

Turns out the building to change was no building. Change from street clothes to sweat lodge clothes outside standing in snow. Guess what the Universe said "YES" we got you.

This I will keep short because it is different for everyone. But for me 6ft 3in 300 pounds I was NOT Comfortable at all. I found the peace of mind I needed by sitting on ground sweating for at least an hour. Not to mention the family of mice the hide behind me. The last 30 min. I sweated, was calm, relaxed and felt one with the Spirts.

I want to thank my wife Nikki DiVirgilio for allowing the space for me to grow in my way. This was an experience of a life time.

And that is OBMO

>You Are The Cleaner…


You are the Cleaner of your Glass Ceiling.

When you want to go to the place that only you can see, you have to just do it (Clean the Glass).  If you think the people around you allow or limit you to climb the latter you should start praying to them. 
I am saying this because if have heard to many stories of people going beyond their perceived limitations of being a gutter child, raise in a single parent household, Drug Dealers, etc..  If you can see yourself past that glass ceiling then you can break it, if you think you can’t break through you can’t. 
So for me that is what makes you the cleaner of your Glass Ceiling.  Clean that Glass and when someone steps on it start cleaning, when someone obstructs your view, start cleaning.  The secret is to have the resolve to do what is in you to do on a universal level. 
After you do it then share it, after you share it give it away.  The gift is in the giving and we have enough to share.
If you vision is not clear get out the cleaner and start cleaning.  You can do it, we all can.  We hare built to exceed our thought of I can only do this when.  If you put your mind to it you can because with the power of the creator on your side, what are you not able to do?  I will tell you that you can do it, if you don’t trust me look at all the things of your past that you have created with the same power.  It is going to be easy to notice the negative things but I say look at the positive ones because the way to manifest is the same. 
The only question is “What do you want”.
Everyone around me is growing in the direction that they have decided and what you don’t realize is the lesson you will gain will be greater the affliction.
And that is OBMO

>Connecting With Energy

>Have you wanted to connect with like minded people? I do and have with this new form of social media. It is what most people long for, to have connection with others and self.

We are all energy and we are all connected. Knowing & trusting we are connected is what I am talking about.

I am on Twitter @iObmo and this like most other things I resisted. It fits right into my quote of "What you resist the most you need the most". I say that because these types of thing seem to take up so much of my childs time. Since I feel I don't have a lot of time I did not want to Tweet.

I started thinking that Facebook is good to stay connected with people I know. I figured Twitter would be good for people I don't yet know on that level. So I am Tweeting and loving it.

The transfer of energy is amazing because we are usually on the same page with our Tweets on issues and thoughts. I see it like this, nothing happens by mistake. Deepak, Tony, Cornel & Les following me is no accident, it is what was needed on some level.

Everyone of them have given me meat to chew on for a lifetime. The creator has used them to raise my energy and I am sure the same for them.

I want to thank all of my followers because sharing yourself does not always come easy, but it does come when you are connected to the source.

Have a Great Day and don't forget you could be the energy to change someone's life.

That is OBMO