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>Sara Smile

>"Sara Smile"

This should be my Mom's theme song.

Mom you have taught me great things. You are the only one to be here the whole time and I love you for that. I have honored you like you taught me. By doing what I say like graduating HS on time, being a responsable father to my children, because I Am Response Able.

The love you have show me allows me to know love.

I want to thank God for giving you to me, and thank you for wanting me. You had me at a time in your life when not having a child could of been the best decision. You have alway's put me first and I know that because you left my dad only to find my pop's.

All I'm trying to say is I Love you, respect you, honor you & I am proud to be your son. If I don't tell you enough or show you enough, just trust that you are enough.

Love you mom
"Because when I feel I can't go on, I just hold you". Sara Smile



>I Never…

>I am blessed with this day. This day is a blessing that took me years to appreciate.

I never told you I loved you enough, now I tell everyone.

I never understood some of the thing you were telling me. Because you were teaching a boy how to be a man.

I never liked some of the food you cooked, now I wish I could try again.

I never got to thank you for loving my grandma, because she has so much love and needs some back now.

I never thanked you for teaching me not to drink the grapes, while watching you drink the grapes.

I never had the chance, but I just did it.

With all the Love, Honor and Respect, I love & Honor you on this Veterans Day 2009

Love you Pops


>Making a difference

>I just received a email with this subject “Making a difference“. It hit me pretty good because we all want to feel connected.

It reminds me of my grandma, I use to think we had the biggest family in the world. The reason is because everyone would come into her office and call her “mom”. I ask that we all respect and honor everyone in the world.

I was just telling someone that I would not want to be the only person to survive a major devastation to the world. The reason is we rely on each other and we all have a part to play in this world. He said kind of like “I Am Legend” I said exactly.

We the people just need to hear it so we can feel that we are one in this union.


That is OBMO