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What is Walmart doing to Communities

I just watched a Documentary on WalMart. It hardens my heart about the info provided in this video. I don’t care if only 10% of it is true it is a bad deal.

My biggest issue is how Walmart comes in to a town with government help and runs out the little stores. In some cases Walmart appears to close forcing people to drive to other cities to get the good they need.

I love a good deal and saving money but hearing about the crime in Walmart parking lots. Not to mention the wage paid to the workers is not livable, forcing many to seek government programs just to eat. Most can’t even afford to get health care from Walmart because of the wage and the cost of the coverage.

WOW is all I can say about this story.

Watch the full documentary now


Black Bear Claws Candy

Black Bear Claws® are made with intense bittersweet Dark Chocolate, roasted peanuts, rich-n-creamy soft caramel, and topped with Sea Salt. We take the roasted peanuts , spreads them out evenly then deposits the creamy caramel on the peanuts and then just enough of the delicious dark chocolate topped with sea salt.

Today Dark chocolate is satisfying and popular to the taste buds and these Black Bear Claws are among the tastiest you can find. These three flavors of salt, sweet and dark chocolate are flavors that will burst in your mouth. You will love Black Bear Claws.