Driving is a true metaphor of my life or the life I want. I remember begging my pops to let me drive. Yes I was able to take the wheel but that’s not the kind of driving I wanted to do. I told him that I love driving and if he let me drive I would drive forever. Well he never had the chance to give me the keys to drive, he retired and stayed home most of the time.  I did get to drive one time in Detroit of all places but it was not my Pop’s car, it was his cousins husbands car, keep in mind I was maybe 12 at the time.  Grandpa (Pop’s) was not happy that he let me drive on our way to Lake Michigian for get together. 

I have so many memories about me and cars what I remember most is what inspired this post. When I’m behind the wheel everything is crisp. My judgment is direct and clear without secon guessing myself. Something about high speed makes be be even more aware. Yet in life I’m playing comfortable, maybe not as comfortable as others but more than I really want. All my life I’ve taken risk but they never seem to pay what I project add a family and you get me wanting the fast life moving slow.  I feel the most at home in my car driving, my giess is because it’s my ass on the line if anything happens. It’s a responsibility Idrake on willingly because I have that much confidence or I’m just that cocky. 

This really is just a random thought that I need to go deeper to see what’s there. 

Namaste and drive safe, I’m on the road with you.