Do you want Peace

Have you ever wondered why this is going on in your life? Do you ask the question “why me”?

When the question of why me comes up I right away think of my uncle Bret and his response to that rhetorical question, “why not you”. Some things in life like accidents or diseases will leave you thinking why me. For me in the summer of my life I am working to find meaning to my life. That question leaves me asking the question of “what is my lesson in this”?

Most times the answer to that question take much chewing before the answer is reveled to me. It’s amazing how most things want what you feel you have the least of, time. See when I was young time did not exist in my reality, ok when the street lights came one but that was still different. Time is in the mind just like thoughts of right and wrong. There is a field where right and wrong do not exist, will you meet me there? Rumi

Illustration by Shannon Logan

These questions of why me leave you as the victim of your life, while what’s the lesson gets you searching. The rule of life is simple if you search you will find. Similar in sales if you keep knocking you will get some yes’s.

Peace is not something that you can find a way to, Peace is the way. It’s a way you have to choose, want or accept and that is not always easy because of the desire to be right.

I’ve been right so many times that I’m at a point that I wish I was not right most times. I get my facts from my experiences, if you don’t agree or know something else. I am the type that would like to know, as a student of this game called life.

I choose the bath of least resistance just like electricity does. Not because I’m scared of conflict but because I’ve not found conflict as a good way of resolving differences. So I choose peace. If I had a choice between all the riches of the world or Peace I would choose peace. Reason is your could have

it all

and still not have peace. Yet you having Peace feel like having it all. It’s up to you really, you can be hateful and get more of what you have. The other option is choosing peace and seeing things in a new light.

When my child Lilli got out of hospital after a major car crash she told my wife, what a beautiful sunset. She could have just hung on to her story and been scared to get in car to drive home. Yet instead she found the Peace she sought at a time she needed it the most.



Give A Man A Pole

One oh the Greatest Gifts you can give a person is a life lesson. My uncle Vann took me fishing at a young age to Lake Nokomis.

He showed me what I needed to know to catch fish at a young age. When I got older I wanted to fish more for the fight.

A friend of mine named Ted was a big time fisherman. He had everything, he is the type of Sportsman who cleans the fish when the boat lands. This is important to understand because you limit the exposure to the site of fly’s, is my guess.

When I went fishing with Ted just like my uncle Vann, he had all the equipment for me to fish. See Ted has brought me plenty of meat but knew the importance of learning how to catch your own.

The point of this post is that we all have fishing poles and holes that we use to feed ourselves and families. The point of life in my mind is to help others eat for a lifetime.

You can over fish a lake and drain the resources. This is a part of the lesson that we only take what we need for the day/week.

Greed has caused many to not share our tools in life to help others. We have to get to the place were we are not worried about someone taking from us, just because they are fishing the same lake.

We have more than enough of everything we need for us all to live a great life. We have to be willing to teach another to fish in our industry without thinking it limits us.

We are one, Namaste


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Letter to Shaq from Coach Brown

This has some great lessons for us all to live by


June 1, 1993 


Dear Shaquille, 


Congratulations on a great rookie year in the NBA.  I was so proud of you and especially in the manner that you conducted yourself. 


I shall never forget our first meeting in the mountains of West Germany, when you were only 13 years old.  You have grown not only in stature, but in talent, from that day when you were cut from the high school team, when they told you, you were too clumsy and to try soccer.  


Now, being constantly in the spotlight, you must be alert to all the pressures it brings.  Coach John Wooden knew how to handle fame better than anyone I’ve ever known.  He said, “The Coach must recognize that his profession places him in the public eye and he will at times, receive both unjustifiable criticism and underserved praise, and he must not be unduly affected by either.”  Live by this creed, Shaquille and you’ll never lose that contagious smile of yours. 


Don’t be content.  Continue to work on improving your game and as you’ve heard a thousand times over and over again, while playing at LSU:  Hard work pays off, and when the going gets rough on the team, remember our HIT philosophy at LSU; play hard, play intelligent, and play together—and everything works out for the best. 


Stay away from all distractions because concentration is imperative for ultimate success.  It is a supreme art that few ever master. 


Be a good listener.  One of the most consistent qualities of those that are labeled as extraordinary athletes is they have been coachable. There have been very few exceptions. 


Be careful of the parasites who, for selfish motives, want you as their friend.  Yes, some will even have visions of the dollar bills floating around.  Trust, but never cease to be vigilant.  Hold onto that school boy spirit that touched me so strongly when we met eight years ago—a spirit with its natural grace, easy dignity, and the blossoming buds of a genius on a basketball court. 


Make your dignity as tall as your body.  Never, ever drop it or sell it or become complimented out of it.  Respect others, even the most humble, and remember that above all else, you are a member of a group called mankind. 


Be a role model.  A lot of kids have absolutely no one in whom to turn, and what you do and say will be more than mere words or actions for the game plan that is their life. 


Affect mankind.  Affect your fellow man, and always for the good.  Shaquille, leave a legacy beyond trophies and statistics because, and I hate to say this but, your time will also pass and the glory you enjoy will only be a memory. 


So, be your brother’s keeper.  Lift him up when he has fallen; bandage him up when he is wounded. 


In body, he may not be as big as you, but in spirit, he is. 


Well, that’s my advice to you, Shaquille.  You really don’t need it.  You are what you are:  a good man, full of love. 


Love you, 

Coach Brown


The Soul Reporter is Stretching Herself

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Okay, I know you got the email about me asking you to vote for the blog contest. It’s going really well, and I think I am really serious because now, I’ve put my face on you tube for the cause. The cause is really about my message and from the responses I am receiving it is a universal one. Here is the link to my latest post, and inside the post is my video. I hope that you will vote, and if you already have- thank you so very much…

Deadline May 16, 5 pm PST

And this will be my last email with this request. I feel a bit uneasy “selling” myself, but like I said it’s the message and when an opportunity comes, I’ve vowed to give it my all. So again, thank you.



Blog Contest

Message from the Soul Reporter, your help is requested and appreciated. 

Hello reader,
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Nikki Di Virgilio, The Soul Reporter: Face to Face With the Guru

Nikki Di Virgilio, The Soul Reporter: Face to Face With the Guru