I recently got into a discussion about homeless vets in the us.  The conversation was good as a whole but started with the comment of.  We need to make sure the contract is read and understood.  I have never seen the contract before so I am not sure what is in it.  But I do know that no matter what is in it, it does not explain the homelessness.  It is hard for me to imagine spending my time risking my life only to be messed up in the head and left to fend for myself.

The reason why this is so hard for me is if you brain wash me in the name of preparation for war.  Then I finish my assignment and go back home to a life that does not even look the same.  I should be supported until I am able to fend for myself.  I call this “Giving a vet a fish until he trust in themselves to fish again”.

We have to take better care of the people who take care of us.  We take care of them by providing the mental health they need as well as a place for them to feel at home in.  I know this is a hard thing to do considering everything going on here in America, but considering as much money as the Gov. waste on themselves.  This should be a part of what is needed to help those that have sacrificed so much for us all.