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>What Would You Do?

>What would you do when some one you would die says you mean less the someone else? Or not in my case but they say they don’t love you at all?

I don’t believe this myself in my case but what if? I don’t love expecting to be loved back. I love because it is in me to give. This is were the gift is in the giving comes in to play. If a person does not receive the gift, then who is the receiver of the gift? This is something we as a people need to work on in my opinion.

To love some one without expectations is a freeing type of love. Now don’t get it twisted because we all have a need to be loved. It is human nature to desire it. But expecting to be loved in a certain way will cause great pain to your growth.

This kind of love can only be expected as a child seeking love from a parent.

I heard a wise women say “Do it anyways”

So I ask that we all “Do it anyways”

Thanks for helping me learn this lesson even better. I choose you Nana now and forever!



>The New Gold Rush

>What do you consider a Gold Rush? I keep waking up with this thought in my head. I have done some more reading about good old route 66 because it has been a long time since I have.

My oldest is moving west to go to an acting school to be a pro actress. See she already is an actress bit that transition to pro is the next step.

As much as it scares me for her to not to be living in my house. It brings me great joy to see her working craft unfold in front of me. I realize that she is growing up and maturing beyond her years. And we are close to the time when she leaves the nest. I like most parents always knew this would come, but this has happened seemingly quicker then expected.

This must be the New Gold Rush because I am thinking about it a lot these days.

When you watch the only piece of video I know of with her acting you will see (You Can’t Take it With You). You will see what I see and what she knows deep in her know. I have no doubt in my mind that she will “Strike Gold” as long as she keeps her zero point focus on her craft.

We all can do great things even if we don’t find Gold at first. We just need to remember that Gold is down there somewhere. Having that courage or blind faith is what is required to do these types of great things.

To travel from a place of precived comfortability (home) to an unknown place only to discover “Gold” is the type of faith required to achieve great things. If you have not figured out what the Gold represents it is Self Fufilment.

My question is are you willing to take the required steps to achieve your dream? Do you even know what your dream looks like? Do you have a dream? If for whatever reason you don’t know take the time to find out because we are all on a Gold Rush.


>What is a good tip?

>Do you tip at buffets or when you go out to eat or have food delivered? If so what is your standard tip you give for good service? Is a standard 10% – 20%?

I almost always tip 10% as a Standard Min. at all service type establishments. I think the most I have ever tipped was 25% for great service.

What is really funny is when I tip below 10% or over 20% I ask to speak with the manager. Either way the server is nervous but I feel good service should be acknowledged as well as bad.

As a part time pizza driver I understand the impact of low tippers. Most service persons make the min. wage and depend on your tip to compensate that base wage.

For me I have started to decline to take deliveries outside of the zone because they seem to tip the worst. That just seems messed up to me because they are out of the zone and I would think they would tip better.

Your pay should equal you worth and for that you will need to start your own business to earn that. While a tip is a small token of ones appreciation of what you do or did.

With that said think about your tips and tip according to the service you get from the person providing the service. Don't tip less because food is expensive because the person providing you with service usually is not the owner.


>You Don’t know what you want!

>People think they know what they want, they don’t. I know this because I have asked for things in my life that I have received and I wish I would not have. Not that I have not learned from the experiences but I do wish I would have chosen differently.

The biggest thing for me right now is my house or our house. I should have never got this house and I knew it when I got it. But I believed in what we were doing more so I went along with it. After a troubled economy and no OT at work I am in a place of not wanting to keep this place because life as I know it has changed. It is time to live again and that is the type of change I am looking for.

My wife’s uncle had a million+ dollar house and the taxes were 30k. My question to you is would you be ok paying that type of money to live in a house? I would because if I can afford it I have no problem with spending money. For me it is not being able to afford it is were my issues come in. I choose life over things and I will give it up to have it all. But I know some people would not be able to because that is a lot of money just for taxes. And lets just keep it real, you can only sleep in 1 bed per night and use only 1 bathroom at a time. So what is the need for 10 rooms or 15 bathrooms?

I hear many people say I don’t like paying taxes or I pay to much in taxes. I am thinking that if I was paying say a Million bucks in taxes a year I am doing dam good for myself. And I can’t wait for the day to come because it is on it way. The reason is this, do the math if you pay a 1/3 of your gross in taxes your gross was 3 Million. Now we know that if you are making that type of money you have deductions and other things so your gross was really more then that but for numbers that is good money.

Not everyone is fit to be wealthy, I say fit because your mind must be fit as well. Don’t be fooled to think that you only have to spend the money. You have to keep it and/or make it, and that is a job in itself.

Short story of how this lesson was taught to me. My aunt is 6 month and 25 day’s older then me so we were raised like brother and sister basically.

The lesson started like this:
Grandma can I have a dollar? See I would always ask first because I had no reservation about asking for what I wanted or needed. She would reach and give me a dollar without question.
My aunt would come right behind me and ask for 5 dollars! I would be like Grandma why did you give her 5 and me only 1? You only asked for a dollar baby.

My point is just like my grandma told me “Be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it”.

Thanks Grandma I have chewed on this meat for many years and plan on it feeding me for many more.

>Black People Stand Up


My people stand up & say it loud… if you don’t know the words “I am Black and I am Proud”

But even more importantly be proud! We as a people do a lot of yelling and don’t act very proudly. Yes we have selfish pride that is self serving, meaning it serves only self.

But we lack the type of pride that is serving all of the human race, not all of course Blacks.

I am very troubled to to fact that we as a people are fighting on two fronts. Our leaders or role models are being killed by blacks and whites. My issue is the obvious but mostly because of the recent news of hideous crimes against our people. Black are committing crimes against other blacks because they lack respect. And whites are taking committing crimes against our people because they are taking their perceived power to a new level.

Such as white cops shooting blacks in handcuffs while in custody or these black on blacks for money, cars, chains, rims or whatever.

Read, “Get up get out and get something”. We as a nation of people want but are not willing to do what is required to get it. So this is why we steal lie and cheat.

It is time to sow good seed to reap good fruits

Seed time and harvest = faith.