>Are you a know it all? Do you think you are a know it all? Someone you love thinks you are. You might live or visit this person often.

I know a lot, but not even I know "It all". My quote I came up with back in the retail days was, "Its what you know after knowing everything, that matters the most". This person from then knew everything while knowing nothing.

He knew what was going to be on sale, when sale was and not to mention who was on first, second, third not to mention who was stealing home. This was not an opinion he knew it end of conversation.

I however have an opinion on most everything and I am willing to dialog about it. People ask for my opinion on things all the time, so that is why I started OBMO. To express that one opinion that only I have. See we all get to have one. The question is do you express it, or is it snuffed out by an heavely opinionated person like myself?

So like my pops use to say "Big Dummy", "Dont be a Dummy all your life. Thanks pops I am working on that.

And this is just OBMO