I was asked by my wife “are we on our own” meaning do we support each other or more importantly do I support her.

My answer is yes we are on our own. The reason being is we come into this world on our own, we will leave on our own. In addition to being on our own we have lots of people in between that time of birth to death that help us along our journey.

Even though we are on our own we have a creator that I know as GOD who is there with us the whole time. When I think about my GOD he is waiting for me to get out of the way and allow all the glory that is in store for me.

It gets right back to the point of FEAR, and this will stop you from breathing, living and loving if you let it. The whole time the spirit of the living GOD is there willing, ready and able to do all things if we just believe. Not only believe that he will but believe that it has already been done.

While we are on our own don’t we still have the support of our friends and family? I think so because GOD has no power here on earth. Ya I said it, no power here on earth. All of the power comes from the workings of God’s people.

I will give you an example of what I am talking about. I was a temporary employee at a fortune 500 company and was close to my 1 year contact expiring and was going to be let go. I did not worry about this because I have great faith in my work ethic and knew things would work out for me.

The person that worked in my current role decided to move on to another company leaving an open position. This is called free will on the part of the person leaving, God’s will was working as well to provide me with a permanent position with this company. The person knew that I wanted to gain employment so was he also on my side? I think so on some level even thought I think he wanted someone else to be in the position but understood that the best person in the eyes of the person doing the hiring would select the best person for the job.

We tend to give up on things when we are close to being at the finish or as my wife stated the “Door of Bliss”. When we choose what is in our heart is that not bliss? I would say that it is the universe working to give us the Yes principle described in another blog of mine. If that is true do we really make mistakes? They appear to be mistakes but are really all things coming together to give us what we want. Hence is why I told my wife that YES she was turning away at the point when she was the closest. To be honest I have no idea but if she believes it, it is.

While God is her true help meat and I am there for her when she needs it. In some or most cases I don’t know how or for what but I am there. I am never there in the way’s she wants such as talking, walking or saying the right things at the right times. I tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, but is it really the wrong time? I don’t really believe in accidents, I believe everything happens for a reason.

Support for me is not supporting them when the going is good or when you support someone for who you want them to be. Supporting someone is knowing that they are going to get through the issue. People want to be loved and trusted the same way that I feel my God supports me. I think we as humans can support our friends and family’s in the same ways but after choose not to because we are lacking in the faith that the person is supporting us.

Thanks Nikki for inspiring this blog