“I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn’t then why would you say I am”. If you don’t know who said it search it.

The point of this to me is that I choose not to argue to prove or disprove your thoughts because they are whatever you say they are, if they weren’t then why would you say they are. Your truths are your truths for you to have all to yourself unless we agree.

Not that a person should not be open to others thoughts but you should not let them lead you unless you agree.

Lets take the first two works “I AM” this statement is a strong one that something to take note of, because we are. The truth needs no explaining or defending, it just is and it is your no matter what it is.

Think of your thoughts as seeds and your words as water, when you speak it you water it with your words. This is important to take the time to understand because the universes answer to everything is YES. Yes to the bad, Yes to the sad and Yes to what you are expecting or wanting.

When you say I am poor the universal response is YES.
When you say I am ugly the universal response is YES.
When you say I am a child of GOD the universal response is YES.
When you say I am Rich the universal is YES

I think you get the point of what I am saying and if you don’t read it again.
Look back at your life at all the things you have asked for. All the things from the good to the bad and you will see that you have already received or it is on delay, delay meaning it is on the way.

I have done this and I have found that pretty much everything has happened or it is on delay. so have some faith, it is what we will be judged on. I don’t mean faith when everything is going well, I don’t mean when you have the 9 suits, 9 cars, 9 houses or the 9 wife’s if that is your fancy. But when you have only one of each of them, or only one of them. My question is DO YOU HAVE ANY FAITH? It is easy to have faith when you have everything you ever wanted or when you peers deem you as successful. If you don’t think so just keep living and life will happen to you too.

The thing I get most out of the bible is “Faith”! Do you have any? At what point did you loose it, what happened in your life that made you think that FEAR was the better alternative?
Fantasized = To conceive fanciful or extravagant notions, ideas, suppositions, or the like.
Emotions = An affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.
Appearing = To come into sight; become visible
Real = Being an actual thing

I have found very little in my life where FEAR serves me. My example of this fear is my desire to jump out of a plane with a para shoot of course, not having FEAR doesn’t give you the right to be stupid. The reason this is a FEAR is because my mind See’s no reason to jump out of a perfectly fine plane. I can see jumping out of one that is on fire or going down because of mechanical reasons, but a well working plane.

Not me, but I like to overcome my FEAR because it is an empowering thing to do and achieve. So YES I can jump out of a perfectly fine plane and live to talk about it. We as a people are scared to stand out before our peers. It is one of the reasons we don’t do as well as we can in school, because our friends will think we are chumps or nerds or something. We tend to be like sheep playing follow the leader or Shepherd in the sheep case. When the Shepherd is scattered in the mind, the sheep are scattered.

My challenge for us all is that we Do a Check up from the Neck up or in this case train the tongue to speak to what we want, need or desire. In doing this we check our thoughts while checking our minds freeing our body’s our souls and our life’s. When we free our mind we are free.

Thanks Cuz for the inspiration to write this